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Suraya Turk
Managing Director
Germela Law

Suraya is a lawyer by profession and a certified business coach by passion. She has throughout her career always been in pursuit of advancing her career as a lawyer and empowering and developing other women through coaching, public speaking and leadership initiatives. From a very young age, Suraya achieved many accolades in Australia for her leadership roles and involvement in initiatives developing female leaders. During her legal career and whilst she began her own family, Suraya took a short career break from the law and coached young female leaders in professional and personal development capacities in sectors including, law, medical, banking and aviation. She worked closely with universities and mentored young people and adults to find their purpose and establish a career or business for themselves. Suraya has always been passionate about advocacy and public speaking and wherever possible contributes to initiatives which support women. She is currently working in a busy practice establishing a global footprint and growing a law firm in Dubai. She has succeeded in this role for the past 5 years and whilst it’s an industry dominated by men, Suraya has remained firm in her commitment to support women who want to work and succeed such that she regularly onboards female lawyers who need their lucky break into the legal field and provides them with mentoring and professional support to become uprising cutting edge savvy business lawyers. Suraya has recently began her own insta page to share her life’s journey as a working mother, lawyer and manager in the hope to inspire women on their way!!

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