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Emilia Ohrtman
Emilia Ohrtmann

Emilia Ohrtman is a successful business entrepreneur and creator behind the brand Emilia Ohrtmann (formerly MNFL Design). She is a freelance website designer and consultant with a passion for helping women pursue their dreams. Emilia has gained experience in the international markets ranging from her home country Germany to London and America. Her knowledge of design, personal branding and start up life of SME has helped many women here in the UAE and internationally, start or re-invent their own businesses.

Her first passion is helping others and as such she supports women with not one but two blogs depicting her life as a business woman and mother of 4.

Emilia shares her branding, design and website knowledge on her podcast, Mums in Biz which she co-hosts with Kyla Neil. She is an avid speaker at events and her hosted workshops.

She believes in the power of supporting women, building a community and her favourite quote is “Just Do It!

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