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Our Story

International Women Entrepreneur Show - (IWES) was founded by Cardela Coulson with a passion to help other women. It was first showed on October 1 & 2, 2018 at Dubai Zabeel Ladies Club.  Cardela was in a workforce for almost 30+ years prior to being redundant from her job on 2017.  Instead of looking for another job, her family encouraged her to manage her own business and through this line of work - she decided to follow her passion that gives her the ability to leave behind a legacy that she can be proud of. 

The concept of IWES is a combination of showcasing the products and services of “women entrepreneurs”.  A platform to support and inspire thriving and aspiring businesswomen to strive more by : - Listening to the stories of the successful ones through "Inspirational Talks; - Learn more skills through "Workshops";  - The opportunity to recognize the current trends in the market through "Discussion Forums";  and to network with like minded individuals.

IWES is also committed to promote a balanced lifestyle as it is primordial importance because it has immediate and long-term effects on our health and well-being.

Furthermore, IWES aim to bring enjoyable activities too – not just business goings-on but to bring a feel good activities like raffle draws and a bit of fun during the event.

The founder quoted :

- "After all, it feels better to fail at something you love than succeed at something that you don’t care about". 

- In today’s world, everyone seems to be too busy.  As much as we need to focus on building our ideal lives and creating the best futures for ourselves, we need to keep in mind that we also need to serve others.  

- When women work together towards a common goal, so much greatness can be achieved. 

And so,  the main focus of the event is collaboration, partnership and networking.



We are committed to empower and assist women to achieve their business goals and drive their economic potential by inspiring them to become supporters, innovators and leaders in the community. We inspire their entrepreneurial minds and provide them with the ideas and skills needed to succeed.


To become the most valued female business networking experience in the Middle East.


The objectives of ‘International Women Entrepreneurs Show’ are:

  • To support and inspire emerging women to showcase their business and express themselves with a principle of authenticity and creativity as well as to be recognized as a driver and contributor of the UAE economy in where we are all living with pleasure and safety;
  • To create an eco-system approach that encourages emerging women to clearly understand their entrepreneur aspirations, enhance innovative initiatives and outline sustainable and long-term strategies for their business through workshops and discussion forums;
  • To introduce and influence a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem in a connected and inclusive way through networking, partnership and collaboration ;